Warm-up for joints and ligaments


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This is a training video that shows a warm-up session for all joints and ligaments of the body. This is an intense complex that affects all the joints of the body, from the bottom to up, from the heels to the hands and the neck.
Good to use before Mandala Dance to prepare the body.

Joints health is closely related to the health of the spine and the health of the entire body. Any physical activity can be traumatic for the joints, so it is important to pay time and attention to warm it up, increasing their flexibility and elasticity.
Even if you do not plan to exercise, a morning warm-up keeps the body in sufficient tone, strengthens ligaments and joints, improves health, immune system and overall well-being. The sequence of the movements aligns our energy.
On the one hand, we work with all the joints, on the other – we fill the body with energy in a soft, calm way.

Warm-up is the best morning meditation. Along with the movement our breathing rhythm gets balanced, blood flow is stimulated, and a deep connection with the General flow of the Universe occurs.

Duration: 45 minutes
Language: Russian (Not any specific instructions are given during the class, so you can easily repeat all the moves even if you are not Russian speaker)

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