Retreat Sacred wisdom (Priestess)

This retreat Priestess takes place every year on the mystical island of Bali.

What is it about?

Here we explore the archetype of the Priestess and Priest. It is also the quality of our soul which helps us to connect with our profound intuitive knowledge and to work with the signs, visions, lucid dreams and clairaudience. Here we reach the point where the past, present and future come together and we get a chance to see and transform things beyond the time.

What will we practice and what effect will we get?

–             Healing meditations to release the traumatic memory of the soul and body, regaining our strength and recognizing the mission of the present incarnation

–             A conscious work with the time lineages will show us which karmic hardship we have got, what blocks our abundance, healthy relationships and success and how to build the life we want to live

–             Breathing tantric practices will help to bring our life force back to us, to tune into our inner source and to clean our energy field

–             A work with our inner vision will awake our ancient memory (genetic and incarnation), clairvoyance and clairaudience, our hidden capacities to interact with trees, plants, crystals, angelic worlds and our star family. That reunion with beings of light will give us a great support, a new information and inspiration for this life.

NOTE: This workshop is for men and women who already have had an experience in meditation practices.

To participate in the workshop you must send an email to the organizer, Yulia, describing your experience in practices (which practices you have done and when), also please mention you experience in Mandala practices (in which groups of Maya or Tanit you have participated).


The workshop will be held on the beautiful, magical, tropical island Bali, in the retreat center located on the North coast of the island.