Life as a Great Dance

This is a new workshop for men and women, for any level of practitioners.

The energy in our body flows continuously, without stopping, through our breath and consciousness.

The energy movement is the basis of our being; it is the basis of life.

It is similar to the pattern of a dance and it never repeats itself. If the energy stops for various reasons, we fall into a trap of repeating circumstances and occasions of the same events in daily life. And as we build and fortify our ego repeating the mind patterns and models of behavior, we infinitely go through the same life script.

This workshop aims to open our capacity to dance through a form and a flow, to open up our body to the rhythms of celebration and enjoyment, manifesting our nature through the dance. We will also align our body, connecting with the inner core and the balance of all elements.

At the workshop we will:

  • explore different forms of dance and meditation practices
  • align the body structure, breath, balance and rhythm through the dance
  • combine breath, movement and images in the dance
  • heal and restore our body and consciousness
  • release the memory of the soul
  • create a conscious Life dance

We will go through the practices:

  • Dance of the 5 elements
  • Spontaneous dance
  • The dance of the male and female principle
  • Solar and lunar energy dance
  • Earth and heaven dance
  • Dance of images and archetypes
  • Different dance warm-ups

We will uncover a new dimension of life inside and outside and together with the Space we will create the light pattern of ourselves and our life.

We will open our potentiality and capacities, attuning to the great music of the Universe, recognizing our unique dance but dancing in the unison with the rhythm of life and through unfolding the subtle melody of the soul we will enter the Unity.
Together we will be enjoying the process of dance, art and game.