Unfolding the sexuality


We will uncover and explore our sexuality, recalling its original innocence. We will enter into the enjoyment of life, accepting our body, dancing and celebrating. By manifesting our sexuality through creativity with each other and with the world, we will create a new quality of life.

This workshop is about connecting with our sexuality, sensitivity and sensuality and its original form in our body.

  • We will unite with spontaneous energy, playfulness, enjoyment,
  • Explore where and how our needs and desires are born,
  • We will enter harmony as a divine quality, feeling how it manifests itself through various forms and aspects in life
  • We will connect with the magic of image, sensuality, beauty, with our source of style and taste

And of course we will:

  • We will be opening up through breath, dance, voice
  • We will enter into pleasure through touching each other, through giving and receiving massage being in the space of love and acceptance
  • We will explore the programs, attitudes, beliefs that stop us from being who we are which we have taken from parents, family, society, country and religion
  • We will be living our strength, sexuality, freedom, enjoyment, creativity and love.

This workshop will help to build a healthy relationship with our inner and outer reality and to communicate with the world being in love and freedom.

It is a tantric group for men and women.