Certification workshop of Maya’s practices of reprogramming at the soul level

Certification workshop “The practices of reprogramming at the soul level”

Only for those people who are focused on conducting workshops, working with people in a group or individually. The practices transmitted at the workshop include a work with the information fields of the soul and the transformation of the subconscious levels. We will learn:

  • To transform negative past experience
  • To clean the pain-body
  • To transform all experience into wisdom
  • To shape the present consciously through wisdom, love and free choice
  • To come out of old scripts into the loving conscious living, shaping our future
  • To come out of unconscious parts into free choice, returning ourselves into responsibility, clarity and freedom

Maya will transmit the practices of working with the soul, the information fields, cleansing and reprogramming the negative past experience of the soul.

For participation it is required to do the workshop “Basics of life” or “Birth” and “Blossoming”, as well as to have an experience of spiritual practices for at least 5 years.