Workshop- journey with Maya – “Divine tunings”

Beloved, we are pleased to invite you to a new workshop – journey with Maya.
It will be a mysterious travelling to some special places of the Earth. Each place has its own purpose, and they have been laid down earlier by the Planet itself and other Civilizations. In such places the tuning into our higher purpose, into the divine frequency and the access to a level of higher consciousness happen much faster and easier.

During the journey:

  • We will visit places of power
  • Together we will heal the space of destiny and set an intention shaping future
  • We will activate the different faces of the soul crystal, opening up profound knowledge of the soul. Spaces and rituals will help us to start getting in touch with this level
  • Through these places and certain practices we will connect with our inner strength and knowledge
  • We will build new codes of soul directions
  • We will open our consciousness through sacred practices including breath, visualization and voice meditations
  • We will open up the body of light, aligning the center in accordance with sacred geometry, and aligning the body in accordance with the five elements
  • In our work we will tune into time and space and with the events taking place on Earth
  • Through this attunement we will start the process of harmonization of our life and the life at the planetary level
  • We will activate our clairaudience, clairvoyance, intuition.

Every time and in every place of power we will have absolutely unique experience. These special workshops, special journeys are made in response to the space and the Planet requests.
This is not only the process of fulfilling ourselves, but also to fulfill the sacred place we visit and the planet Earth.

Each day of the trip will activate different faces of our soul crystal:

  • We will work with the tunings for the higher life purpose
  • Unity in a divine couple
  • We will be fulfilling ourselves with the beauty and harmony of nature and learn to express it in our life.

The awakening of the soul crystal is the awakening of the divine consciousness within us.

We started our journey on Bali in May, 2018 and continued it in the summer, 2018 in Bulgaria. We are going to continue holding them in other countries.

Check out the schedule on our website and Facebook.