Nature of life


This workshop is aimed at opening, healing and conscious living of our power and connection with Mother Earth. When we accept the Earth as our Mother, we can accept the nourishment and the support it gives us and the gift of life that we have. We consciously live our truth and strength, being in respect for our boundaries and the boundaries of other people.

The workshop helps:

  • Open the body and connect us with our instincts
  • Consciously live our needs, desires and our truth
  • Understand, listen, feel the nature, animals, the cycles and rhythms of the Earth

We also will explore birth and death to know them as a part of life process.

At the workshop there will be following practices of:

  • Connection with the family lineage, going through birth and death
  • Acceptance and healing of the body
  • Restoration of communication with the earth
  • Practice of voice and sound
  • Tantric breath
  • Movement and dance
  • Acceptance of the power and instincts
  • Attunement to the cycles of the Nature

This workshop is for both men and women