Nature of love

In the space of this workshop we will be connecting with the state of love, the qualities of conscious love, exploring the depth of its facets.
The Love in its limitlessness and clarity is the most powerful driving force of the Universe.

Do we understand what the love is?

Do we allow ourselves to live it in its fullness and diversity?

When we begin to recognize ourselves, to unfold the essence, we come to the fact that the love is the whole Universe and the Wholeness itself. The Love has no relations and forms, it manifests itself in all forms. The Love has no judgments and attachments. The Love has no achievements, it has nothing to strive for, because the love is originally full. The Love is our destiny. The Love is our nature, the primordial nature. It is so simple to love, so natural. We connect with love as naturally as we connect with the breath. When we are open, when we are in love, we do not make special efforts, we are natural.

In the space of the workshop we will:

  • We will heal our offences, traumas, all the negative stories that our memory stores.
  • We will recognize at the level of our body, at the level of energy, how this energy of life vibrates, how the breath and inspiration of love happen, how the Whole is manifested through us
  • We will develop the skills how to come out of pattern and programs of the past, shaping new conscious choice for love

Through different practices and meditations we will learn how to manifest and live each day of our life. How to attune to the space of love each and every moment, allowing the flow of love to move freely through us and to live it totally.

This workshop is for both men and women, for all levels of practitioners.