Life purpose

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my mission?

These are the most important questions in a human life which arise in our consciousness and our Soul.

We recognize who we are when we hear our Soul and heart and through this understanding comes the clarity about our Path. Unfortunately, for many of us the voice of the soul can be hardly heard.

At this workshop:

  • We will clear internal and external obstacles
  • We will connect with our soul
  • We will recall who we are, which qualities and capacities our soul and consciousness have
  • We will recognize our path and our life purpose
  • We will get rooted in the clear movement of the soul and in understanding how to manifest our soul purpose in daily life

This short 2 days’ workshop is very intense. There will be passed on the tunings and meditations you can apply to your daily life, which will help you on your soul path.

This workshop is for both women and men.