Abundance and realization in life

At this workshop we will discover all the wrong mind attitudes and beliefs related to abundance and social realization.

  • What hinders your abundance?
  • What blocks your generosity?
  • What are the reasons that stop your cash flow?
  • What doesn’t let you hear your life purpose and implement it in life?


  •  We will explore the space of the body where our energy of abundance is located and the reasons why it is stopped. We will find the blocks our body holds and make a review of our beliefs of the mind
  • We will set a new intention consciously, connecting with the initial energy, returning ourselves into the state of abundance of our soul and free, active, creative life
  •  In the space of the workshop we will create new tunings in our consciousness and energy, which with the constant support and attention from your side will help to transform life situations in the best way

This is not a magic pill that will make you rich. This is the exact tools that will help you to see what blocks your abundance, the causes that hinder you and also will help to learn how to tune your mind, your consciousness and actions into the flow of abundance.

This workshop is for both men and women