Maturity – 3rd level


Maturity is a great time!

We are happy to invite those men and women who have passed the workshops “Basics of life” or “Birth” and “Blossoming” to the next stage – Maturity.

After Birth and Blossoming, we have come to the harvesting, reaping the fruit of our soul. This workshop is unique and shows the results of our work with ourselves. In fully awareness we scan our life in accordance with each chakra, tuning them into their fullness and balance, awakening in our maturity.
• At the level of the first chakra, we will see how much life force we have accumulated, how firmly we stand on our feet, if we really live our truth. How rooted we are in our clarity, power and wisdom, how strong is our connection with the Mother earth.
• We explore the Lover archetype, our sensuality, sexuality, spontaneity, creativity. We will discover how we create the life within us and around through this quality, dancing and playing with ourselves, the world, the Universe.
• The Amazon archetype will show us what goals have been set in our lives, what goals we have been able to achieve, what path we have gone to achieve them, how much we have mastered the quality to set and achieve goals. How we are flowering in our wealth, abundance, in all material aspects. This is the quality of clear light, the quality of the sun.
• As a Mother we explore how deep we have been able to open up in love, compassion, and acceptance. How we take care of ourselves and the world. How we unite all experiences through love.
• The Queen archetype will tell how good we are in managing our life, how we create our Kingdom and how we interact with others, if we are in our dignity, generosity and nobility, how we manifest our leading qualities towards our inner and outer reality in accordance with Higher guidance.
• The Priestess will demonstrate how we combine our wisdom and knowledge, past, present and future. How we create life through intention and clear wisdom.
• At the level of the Goddess we will recognize how we integrate all what comes into a state of unity, how we transform duality of this dimension. This is a state of a drop, which falls down dissolving into the ocean and the ocean it becomes.