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    Certification workshop of Maya’s practices of reprogramming at the soul level

    Certification workshop “The practices of reprogramming at the soul level” Only for those people who are focused on conducting workshops, working with people in a group or individually. The practices transmitted at the workshop include a work with the information fields of the soul and the transformation of the subconscious levels. We will learn: To […]

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    Сertification workshop of Maya’s practices of body alignment

    There are two new workshops of Maya’s practices.
    1st workshop is focused on conscious body alignment, on a work with its structure, channels, centers and the flow of body energy through movement.
    In 2nd workshop Maya will transmit the practices of working with the soul, the information fields, cleansing and reprogramming the negative past experience of the soul.

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    Retreat “Sacred Sensuality”

    This workshop is a journey to ourselves, our sexuality, subtlety, sensuality. In this journey we will go in a deeper meeting with our body, exploring its nature, its sensuality, how the energy moves inside our body, how sexuality and receptivity are born.

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  • Unfolding the sexuality

    We will uncover and explore our sexuality, recalling its original innocence. We will enter into the enjoyment of life, accepting our body, dancing and celebrating.

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  • Nature of love

    In the space of this workshop we will be connecting with the state of love, the qualities of conscious love, exploring the depth of its facets.
    This workshop is for both men and women, for all levels of practitioners.

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