“Letter of Farewell” ritual

Everything in life follows the four basic cycles of spring, summer, autumn (fall), and winter. These cycles affect everything in our life including relationships, events and situations. For example, when it is time to plant seeds all traditions around the world choose the time when the soil is ready according to the rhythms of nature in that area.

Our body goes through similar stages of birth, growth, and death, departure. Winter represents death. These four stages are sometimes represented as “three plus one”, with three positive periods and one negative. The first three periods are active and the last one is the time for all the processes to cease and turn to death.

A full lunar cycle counts 28 lunar days. A plot of land is fertile for a certain amount of years and then it is left to rest and restore its nutrients. Our female bodies live through ongoing menstrual cycles. When we shed blood, we go through powerful processes of letting go, allowing to die. This is the period when one can profoundly let go of stories that are over. A cycle is over, something has ended and we need to let go of it. The more clarity and awareness we have when we let go of something, the sooner we move on to the next step.

Different traditions have different rituals dedicated to the process of letting go of things that no longer serve us. The “Letter of Farewell” ritual allows us to let go of the processes that we wish to put an end to, be it some mental stories or memories, finished relationships, etc. Another example is moving to a new city, when it is very important to leave the current place, the current period of your life, the quality that this period brought to your life, in a correct way.

When we end something correctly, we are ready to let go of it with gratitude, we express gratitude for the experience that we’ve gained and all the benefits that this experience brought us. If it is a relationship, it is crucial to ask for forgiveness and thank for this relationship, so that it ends correctly, with love and gratitude.

Usually letters of farewell are written during a waning moon phase. One can let go of habits, programs. Programs can be of different nature. Some programs are personal, chosen by the Soul when it decided to incarnate in a particular body, in order to learn some important lessons.

There are programs that run through an entire family, stem or even an entire country. Initially the Soul invites certain experience and we come to play our role in a life scenario, almost like a theater play. We choose a role in order to learn a lesson through mastering the role. If I play my role, then there will be other people, who will support the role that I’ve chosen. For example, one of the programs of Russia and of other countries that go through revolutions, wars and other processes associated with violence and personality, is the program of “victim and persecutor”.

If energy does not return to the space of free will (the quality of the third chakra), we will keep playing this scenario over and over: at some point we become a victim, who attracts a persecutor, then a rescuer comes in and saves one from the other. All three characters are always present in this scenario. It is important to integrate all these three energies and transform them into free will, a quality where there is no more debt or obligations. There are two types of obligations: relative, that are related to egregors of a particular family, nationality, etc.; and higher-purpose obligations, such as “I’m here to serve all living beings”.

The process of separation from a program can be described as the following story. I come to a theater and say “I’m taking the role of Desdemona”, I commit to this role by signing a contract with the theater. I also agree with all the other actors who will support my role in this play. So the play starts, and we stick to the chosen scenario as agreed, day after day. A different actor may take the role of Othello, but I stay faithful to my role of Desdemona.

We keep playing this role in order to master all the states of the soul that this character involves: jealousy, betrayal, anger, etc. We’ve played this role an endless amount of times. What we need to do in order to change the character, is first to become aware of the fact that we keep playing the same thing over and over, and we no longer want to be a part of this play. Enough is enough. We acknowledge the value of this experience; it allowed us to grow up, to mature, to recognize the tastes of anger, fear, jealousy, freedom, etc.

At this moment we come to the theater and file our resignation. If we don’t do this, if we just walk out of the job, we still have obligations. We are still expected to play our role, because the rest of the crew keeps playing, and they are not happy: “What happened? You’ve got a job to do. Everything has been paid for. People are waiting!” – this is an incorrect way to end a role or a program.

At some point in time we initiated this scenario, invited all the actors and they accepted the invitation. Now when it’s time to leave need to leave we need to do so with a high degree of awareness. So we throw a farewell party, we thank each of the actors: “I went through this play with you, I learnt this and that, I understood that much”. Just the same way in our Letter of Farewell we thank for the experience, no matter good or bad. We thank for it, because it resulted in new skills and qualities of our soul.

We express gratitude, because initially we declared our intention to develop a skill, thus our Soul, being a part of the Whole, and acting at our request set on to look for ways to train this skill. Existence puts us in circumstances where this particular skill can be developed most effectively, because these particular circumstances will encourage development of the necessary skills and qualities.

The same way we choose our family, our country and all the situations that would promote development of necessary qualities and skills leading us to experiences that will expand us. An invisible force keeps pushing us, because without such pushes we stop growing. At the moment when we receive such an “encouragement” we often react with little enthusiasm: “What is going on?! Nobody loves me anymore!”

Our first reaction is usually that of a little child, we refuse to understand that we are the ones who invited this episode into our life, we put our signature under that contract. It is important to understand why we’d put certain clauses in this contract, what benefits we received, what we can be thankful for, what understanding we gained, and what we want to let go of. Thus through playing Desdemona we learn to understand that jealousy, fear and anger leave no space for Love.

In conclusion, once we have a clear understanding of the experience we are ready to say goodbye to, we write: “With love and gratitude I let go of the idea, concept, program, relationship, thoughts, agreement with egregor, certain energy quality, etc. …” Anything can be let go of, anything that assisted our growth, provided experience, everything that we are ready to let go of to allow new states of mind, new qualities, new events and relationships to come into our life.

The next thing we write: “Thanks to this experience I realized that (fill in the blanks)… I ask you to forgive me my… I forgive you your… I thank all the Teachers, all the people and events that I invited to my life in order to have and understand this experience. I ask my Higher Self to forgive me my decision to separate myself from it in order to have the experience of…”

If we let go of something related to a particular person, we have to write his/her name.

When someone passes away we bid him/her farewell and thank for everything that we experienced with this person and let her go.

Another example is of saying goodbye to a place. For example, we’ve been living in Russia and this has been the place where we learned a certain way of living. When we move to a different country we need to let go of the old experience, so that we can learn the way of life of the new country. We need to “empty the cup”, free some space for the new experiences to come to our life.

In a situation of a break up long time is often needed to heal the wounds. When people part ways without acknowledging each other’s value, without gratitude, without asking for forgiveness and without forgiving, the wound will be deep and it will require healing.

Once composed, the letter needs to be read out in whisper, like a prayer, for seven times, once for each of the directions: North, East, South, and West, to the Earth, to the Sky and to your Higher Self. We read it turning clockwise in the following order: read the letter once facing north and turn clockwise towards east, read the letter once again facing east and turn clockwise towards south, and so on. After completing the reading to all the seven directions we kneel and bow down to the ground, keeping the belly completely relaxed and touching the floor.

You might feel like laying down flat on your belly. Arms stretched forward. Through our womb we exhale into the Earth all the tensions and everything we want to let go of. After that we rise up and burn the Letter saying “I commit this to fire, and the ashes to earth”. If the ritual is not taking place outdoors, we collect the ashes and commit them to earth later.

We write the letter several times until we come to a clear understanding of all the cause-and-effect relationships of the situation in question. Only after that we perform the ritual.

The next letter is the Letter of Intent (Manifestation)

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