The First Principle is Conscious Presence. It is not outside and not inside, it does not have a certain point of dislocation, it just exists in the Space.

Each dance can be transformed into a Temple Dance, each dance can be turned into a Prayer. And every Prayer can become empty words. When we direct our energy to a Prayer, to Love, to Awareness, then each dance becomes a Temple Dance. It is possible to do beautiful poses, but behind it will be nothing. Conscious Presence is the basis. WHO is dancing? When we are in the Presence, we can transform every state into a Prayer. In this lies our freedom. When we consciously make a movement, then this movement turns into a Prayer.

And we do it through the body. A woman has a sacred place in the body – the womb. This is the first Gate. The last Gate is the top of the head. What is stored in the sacred place, in a sacred chalice? The Treasure. We keep the Treasure in our Womb. If we bury this treasure under “stones” – different stories and limiting programs, we do not recognize where the Treasure is. And then we start looking for it in the outer world. What else does our womb give us? It gives the birth, the health, the beauty. When we get connected with our womb, with the ancient memory, with the Treasure, we get access to the nectar of our energy, which is ignited, opens up and begins to raise the Kundalini through the spine. The more we accept the life Force, the more energy can circulate through the left and right channel, entering the Central channel, rising up along the spine, coming together as Whole, entering its highest potentiality of consciousness. The purpose of this experience is to learn with what to attune inside ourselves and how to align our life in accordance with this state.

The Second Principle is Birth and Death. This is the Basic. The entrance is the Womb – the first Gate. The exit- is the Seventh chakra, the last Gate.

The Third Principle is Breath. The connection with the Breath. When we are already in the Presence, we can be aware and we can connect with the Breath. Through Breathing we enter the body, begin to connect with the body, with the Sacred Place, we gives impulse to it, awakening all life cycles.

The Fourth Principle is the Connection with the sacred female organs, fulfilling and nourishing them with energy. We begin to open the Womb and we begin to nourish it. Having started our internal work, the first thing we do is the connection with the Earth and its resources. As we increase our energy level and we have more strength, we are able to understand what needs to be cleaned or corrected. We have wasted so much time, perhaps for many lives we were lost, we were in a strange state of mind, so the next thing we do is cleansing. We put everything in its place. The Purification is also a discipline, we begin to systematize inner and outer energies. And we do it consciously.

The Fifth Principle is Purification. When we find a house in a mess, we do not fight with it, but we begin to make certain step by step actions. And we do it being in a state of Acceptance. The same if we find disharmony in our soul and body, we begin to put things in order – we purify, heal and harmonize ourselves. An important aspect of the Practice: to pay attention to the quality of food and drink that we choose.

The Sixth Principle is Harmonization and structuring. Next thing we do, we start connecting all parts of ourselves and harmonize them through the principle of Mandala – the top and the bottom, left and right. We balance all the chakras, we connect with the Earth and the Heaven, with the Moon and the Sun, with the North, West, South, East, with the center which unites everything and with the space. We work with what is unbalanced. We bring all the elements into balance; we bring energy into balance, kindle the inner fire and transform what has become obsolete or dead. Again, the moment of awareness is important: what emotions arise, what needs to be transformed, what needs to be harmonized. When we are in balance, in equilibrium and all the things go well – we celebrate, enjoying our body, the dance, the life!

The Seventh Principle is Celebration. This is a state where we are in fullness, strength and clarity and we create our life out of the quality of freedom. And then we share with the world, with other people. Through giving, there comes the unity and dissolution. It is a natural consequence; it does not need to be “specifically done”.

The Eighth Principle is that we surrender. It is the Connection with the Existence. Silence.

The Ninth Principle is Consistency Of the Practice. When we find ourselves in any life situations or actions – all these Principles we can apply.


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