“Letter of Intent (Manifestation)” practice

In Mandala we practice wording and saying out loud our intentions. This action helps us achieve more clarity “What part of the spectrum, what qualities does the practice evoke in me? What is it that it does to me?”. It is important to be aware of how much energy is involved each time you pronounce an intention. When we totally commit to our intention, it materializes with equal totality.

We begin working on intentions only after we have gained full awareness and understanding of our Nature, when we have got to the level of awareness and maturity. Wishes come and go, they attract various events and put us in different states, but in our wishes we remain pretty childish, we want something here and now without any understanding of the consequences it may cause.

For example, after having a glass of wine my body still feels good, my mind is clear, my state of consciousness is not affected. But if I go on and finish the entire bottle, the clarity is gone and it is no longer possible to stay present, my body is intoxicated. Both started with a wish to have some wine. We need to ask ourselves every time “what is it that I want, what does it mean to me? I tried, and now I have a clear understanding of the cause-effect relationship of my actions.”

The same goes with food, when I eat something that my parents put on my plate, or something that the society makes me eat because of its ideas of a particular product being healthy, tasty and just great. In order to understand whether these ideas are correct for me, I need to grow up and see what other options are there, what other traditions and opinions are available, I need to expand my awareness and reach maturity.

In the beginning we only have unconscious wishes and wants. Then we learn to use our awareness in order to observe and explore the cause-effect relationships and base our wishes on what we’ve learnt. We begin to see how different food and emotions cause different states. At this point we are able to make conscious and clear decisions.

Why do we declare being healthy in our Manifestation? Because we understand that when we are ill we are out of balance, and thus unable of creation, of expressing ourselves in this world form the space of joy. As soon as we find the balance our Soul regains its peace, we become joyful, our mind gets quiet and our vision becomes clear. This is the space where the energy of creativity flows easily. There is trust and wholeness in that space. This is where we make mindful choices and understand what quality we want to translate through our presence.

This is the difference between a mere wish and a Manifestation. A wish is spontaneous, it is its nature. “I want this!” and this “I want” never stops. Needs and wishes will always appear in this world, simply because it is an integral part of this World’s processes. As we grow and reach higher levels of awareness we begin to choose the quality of our presence and of our life.

In order to understand and to be able to see the difference between the two we had to go through thousands of different experiences. “What is the difference between this and that food? What is the difference between “this” and “that” state of mind?” With this ability to discern between the two comes the understanding of another principle – when I am in the state of peace and love events around me develop in a certain way.

And on the contrary, me being filled with inner tension and conflict gives a different quality to the outside events. When we understand this principle we can make mindful choices, produce mindful Manifestations, this is where our free will is born. This is not that childish outlook at things anymore, when we just take things for what they appear at the moment when they happen. After years of first-hand experiences and experiments with different states of mind we become capable of taking mindful decisions, and every such decision becomes a mature and mindful step.

Manifestation is a higher level of mastery and maturity in comparison to a wish. A manifestation works like this: you make a wish – it materializes – clarity and understanding come. These are the attributes of a Manifestation.

When you work on your letter of Manifestation it is important to compose it in a positive state of mind. The more simple and clear your statements are, the easier they sink deep into your subconscious.

Our state of mind is always either of the two aspects, positive or negative – “like-dislike”, “love-hate”, we always label things as either good or bad. Our negative statements, everything that we dislike sinks deep into our subconscious, and from there it shapes our lives.

All those negative situations that we experienced in our childhood stay in our memory, and later in life these memories begin to reproduce themselves. When we start to practice and meditate, the first place we reach to is our subconscious, our negative mind. This is the place that stores all our worries and anxieties that have not been accepted, acknowledged and healed. Meditation opens up all our states of mind, stir up all the “silt” that settled at the bottom.

The first thing we see when we move into our depths is cloudy waters, and the first job that needs to be done here is to sort out our negative mind and memories. We need to accept those experiences, accept the fact that this is what we have inherited from our parents and society. This is a very long and deep process, you need to give it enough time, patience and love in order to bring this part of your subconscious to light.

One of the positive parts of this process is our Manifestation, the intention that we create for this period of our life. It is important to change our view on our negative mind, on the memories that were created long ago by our Soul’s experiences. At that point in time the flow of energy stopped, at that moment no acceptance was given to that experience, there was no awareness there, and this is where and why the negativity got “pinned” in the subconscious.

For example, a child was singing a song, and at some point the mother said “Be quiet! What do you think you are doing?” At this point our power vanished, the free flow of energy got disrupted. The fear was born “If I ever try singing it’s going to be terrible and they won’t love me”. Love of a child, childish love, is always a “dependent love”, because children physically depend on their parents, physical survival of a child depends on his parents. As we grow up we need to move to a more mature and mindful level of love.

When we learn to understand the cause-effect relationships we become capable of moving to this new level, capable of changing our memories. We can consciously change the state where the mind said “I should stop singing, otherwise I won’t be loved”, and turn it into a different quality by saying “I love myself, I accept myself and my voice”. By doing so we fill the part, that was rejected by our parents or by anybody else, with love and care.

We move to the level of “love beyond dependence”, the level of mindful love, where we begin to make our own decisions and take responsibility for our life. When we were children, we could not take decisions as we were physically dependant. This is why this work with our subconscious and our thought-forms is so important. A thought-form sets a direction, a vector that would define future events in our life.

In the Manifestation it is very important to create the message from a positive state. Instead of “I will no longer drink or smoke”, we write “I’m enjoying my good health, I’m free from habits. I have enough to feel good and balanced. Through pure breath my body fills with pure prana”. You go on in this mode with regards to all aspects of your life, reflecting the positive energy in the state of your mind, body, soul and in your relationships with others.

General statements are also important, such as “Everything that happens to me happens for the development of my soul in the best possible way – with love, bliss, clarity and balance”, “Every day I discover greater love, greater happiness”, “Every day my relationship becomes more intimate, more clear, more beautiful”. Such statements align all the upcoming events, because they set the direction for everything that happens in our life. It is important that the phrases that we write in our Manifestation offer a strong foundation, fill us with strength, and deliver a very clear message to our subconscious mind.

The intention to open our inner voice can be described as follows: “I open up my Truth. I open the way to my Creativity. I create with my voice. I sing. I express my Truth. I am what I am. The world hears me and accepts me”. If you fear that the world would not accept and support you, you may write “The world supports me. The world takes care of me. I dissolve in the love of the Universe”.

In all those aspects where we were once disconnected from love, faith, acceptance, we begin to re-connect to these qualities again. We begin to re-align the channels of love at every level. If we had problems with the father, it would be good to write “I accept my father, I acknowledge his value, I accept his love”.

It is important to take a look from the point of view of our Being, of our Higher Self at each level of our life: Me and my family, my ancestors, Me and my health, Me and my partners, Me as a person in the society, the ways I express myself, the way I live, the way I feel. For example: “I am abundant, joyful, creative, I am a part of amazingly beautiful projects. I am growing more and more in my love to the Universe, in the wisdom of my soul. I discover new depths of my soul’s wisdom, I develop my gifts and talents. My creative energy reflects in all aspects of my life. I realize all my talents and abilities”. It is important to describe what qualities of your personality you would like to develop in order to make your message more clear. This is the state of creativity that we project into the world.

We have a higher state of wisdom and at the same time we carry many acquired ideas and beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough… Someone else can get enlightened, but not me… They are accomplished beings, while I don’t have enough understanding, not enough strength, not enough clarity. Now I can’t become enlightened”. Such beliefs have been carved in your mind by society, religion, church, etc.

It is very important to trust that your Higher Self is always there for you. We invite our Higher Self to be totally present in our life, we trust our inner voice, our higher nature, and we invite our higher nature to manifest itself in our every move, every event. It is important to stay in touch with our Higher Self. As long as there is this separation of “I am here, and my Higher Self – somewhere far away” in our mind, we will keep telling ourselves “Not now, I’m not yet enlightened, there is still a lot of work to do”. When we invite our Higher Self we tell ourselves “My Higher Self manifests in my life. I am that Higher Self. I have trust in my Higher Self and in the ways it manifests through me. All wisdom of the ages shines through me, in my every move, in every moment, in every step I take. All my higher states and qualities manifest in every moment of my life”.

Maybe you are about to move to a different country and you need to learn the language of that country, in this case your Manifestation may sound like “My Spanish comes quick and easy. I read fluently, I memorize effortlessly, I communicate clearly. Every day I can learn fifty new words and phrases”.

Another thing that we add when we move countries is: “This Earth helps me grow my wings to reach the new county. This Earth gives me the best possible ground to move in the direction of my choice, in the direction of my Being. This new place, this town, this country, these people provide everything for me to spread my wings and fly very high”.

In case of a disease it is important to set the following direction “I am getting well, I am achieving my best health”. If, for example, the illness affects your blood or one of the organs, your Manifestation would sound like “My blood constantly cleanses itself, my organ becomes healthier and stronger by day”. If you just had a surgery, add in your Manifestation “All the functions of my body are healing”, “I am in the state of good health and Love”.

When we have a conflict with someone it is important to thank that person by saying “Thank you, you have awakened my power. You’ve awakened my inner fire. Thank you for evoking my eagerness for life, for showing me how strong I am. You are the one who was able to do this”. You always choose the person who awakens your power. Because with the people who only make you feel sweet and tender you will never find out how much power, how much fire you’ve got inside, what a magnificent dragon is hiding in the depths of your heart. When we are ready, when we request to find out how strong we are, we invite people and situations that are able to prove it to us.

Once your Manifestation is written, start reading it every morning, right after you wake up when your subconscious is most open. In order to change our structure, to make our intentions and messages work in our system, in our body, our cells, in our conscious and unconscious mind, in order to align our life with our intentions, the practice needs to be continued for 21 consecutive days. This is how much time is needed to change the old patterns, memories, results of previous experiences, for our mind to change its habitual direction. If you wish, you can first read the entire letter for 21 days, observe new developments, and then you may choose to focus on some specific parts of the letter, the parts that need more of your attention, help and support.

This process is similar to that of planting a seed. We take care of the seed, give it our attention and provide nourishment, so that the plant grows healthy and strong. The same way it works with ourselves, see what qualities you would like to develop, what aspects need your support and attention. This is the work of our Soul, our conscious actions, mindful direction and the manifestation of how we want to live our life, how we want to develop our gifts.

The first stage is about clear messages, but then the messages need to result in clear actions. It is time to get down to business. In the example with learning a foreign language it is not enough just to write down the letter of Manifestation, every day we need to learn new words, read books, watch movies, etc. From the spiritual plane we move down to very clear and tangible actions on the material plane, because we live in a material world, in a physical body.

Each manifestation needs to be rooted, and the roots are our actions. Even if we go weak at our knees we still make a step forward! We observe our fear, we observe our feelings, but we do not let the fear stop us! Yes, we see the fear, we see the old memories bubbling up, but we make a step forward, then all our fears transform into a positive aspect. Once we have accepted our fears and moved through them, they become an integral part of our strength. At this point our fears turn from something that used to stop us into something that helps us to move on.

As soon as we recognize our fear we begin to move towards it, because our fears hide a very important Message for us, a Message that contains immense powers and endless treasures. In the letter of Manifestation it may sound like “All my fears contain treasures for my Soul”, such a statement sets the process in the positive direction. As soon as we begin to observe our fear and understand “This is the place where treasures are awaiting me, that’s why I’m going there!” we will see the situation change.

The same thing works for everything else in our life, we can change directions, we can turn a “minus” into a “plus”, we can stop going round in circles, in the same horizontal plane, stop living the same old stories over and over. We move to an ascending spiral, climbing up a loop. This is what it means to give a positive direction to the energy. Every time we spot a repetitive, cyclic story we change directions and turn a circle into a spiral.

This is the sacred meaning of the Cross. This is pure Alchemy. We become alchemists, we take all the elements, everything we have and everything we ever had, all our negative experiences and events, and instead of destroying or fighting them, we change the vector, spin things in a different direction. In this clear and creative state it is important to keep using the help of our mind. Our mind becomes our ally, our guide, as we ask it to find a positive direction “Dear mind, please help me find a positive direction, the best and the most beautiful one for me in this situation”. The mind will do its job very well here, our mind is a perfect worker. When we give our mind a positive direction it leaves no stone unturned until it finds a way to lift us up.

As soon as you realize that you keep going in circles, give your mind a task to move the situation upwards, turn it into positive. In the beginning as we notice that all we do is running in circles it is natural to get upset. What we need to do instead is accept the situation and give a clear task to our mind “Dear mind, please find a way to take this situation to a new level”. When your mind works on the right task it finds the best and the easiest way out. When we lift ourselves up, we take along everyone around.

It may happen that we want to change something in our letter of Manifestation, since what we had intended turned out not to be our true desire. In this case the first thing to do is to thank the Existence for showing us our truth, and only then move to composing a new letter, a more clear and mindful one.

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