Dears! Just to remind you that only the women who have got the transmission from Maya and have been granted a certificate in Mandala Dance are allowed to conduct Mandala dance classes!
You can check the validity of the certificate on our web site. Please note, that mandala dance is never taught online! This rule is connected with the specific of the practice and body alignment.
Please, maintain the purity of the lineage and attend classes held by certified instructors only.

What is Mandala Dance?

Mandala dance is a deep practice of working with energy, body and consciousness, which combines in its structure dance movements, breath and attention skills. The practice returns us into conscious presence in the body and gives the connection with the sacred organs, rooting us into the earth; restores a harmonious manifestation of the female and male nature, the natural rhythms and cycles inherent into primordial state. It brings back to a practitioner their natural state and sound. It also connects with the wisdom, instincts and knowledge of the nature, with our truth and our soul.

Mandala dance is the process of energies alignment at all levels, it is the healing of the body and soul, it is a reunion with all female and male manifestations. Through the Mandala dance there happens a harmonization of internal and external parts of ourselves at the level of body and consciousness. Through the sacred geometry of the dance we harmonize left and right parts of the body, male and female energies, the bottom and the top; we connect the separated parts – all centers in our body and channels, all states at the level of the body, consciousness and energy. There is also a harmonization of the five elements from which the universe is made – space, air, earth, fire, water. The balance of all states is built both internally and externally.

The dance is built in accordance with the geometric principle of the mandala and in its sacred structure keeps a center, outer form and internal substance.
The outer form is the dance movements expressed through eights, circles, spirals and waves. They are danced through the internal structure of the body – the seven main life centers and the channels that connect them. The basic form is the figure of eight, the sign of infinity, which unites all the elements, directions, qualities and builds a balance of our energy in the body. Spirals and waves give the vector to energy and the circles unite all the sacred patterns of the dance. We build our inner axis through which all these movements are made, the axis directs us to the connection with the Earth and the Heaven and harmonizes the male and female principle in the body and consciousness.
During the practice we breathe in a certain way, consciously controlling the rhythm of breath and attention, helping our body to release blocks, releasing negative experiences, healing the soul memory.
We visualize the movement of rainbow light, harmonizing the movement of prana through the channels and restoring the energy field of our body in accordance with its original sacred structure.
We unite with the quality of conscious presence, returning ourselves into love and harmonious state of the Whole with the Universe.
Through the harmonization of ourselves we harmonize all aspects of our life – relationships in the family, society, the space around us.

Mandala dance is a practice for both women and men. There are two lineages of transmission – female and male, they differ in a form according to the structure of male and female bodies and energy channels.

A deeper explanation of the practice you can get from the book “Mandala Dance”, ordering it on the website.


Levels in Mandala dance

Level 1
This is the level of the Individual Mandala.
The first level of Mandala dance is the basic stage of the practice which includes: body alignment, coordination of the consciousness, breath and movement, bringing ourselves back to conscious living in the body, healing of the soul and inharmonious experiences of the past. At this level we do not dance yet, we learn the basics.

The Mandala dance level 1 instructors have the right to conduct classes with women, in a group with a limited number of people – up to 10. It is important to remember that this is not the practice of the dance yet, it is the preparation. The instructors still align themselves, their body and mind and help other women in the group to learn the basic movements of the dance.

Level 2
This is the level of the Mandala of the Circle
At the second level of the practice we continue to develop the skill of conscious presence in the body, beginning to connect breath and dance movements in statics and with steps and synchronize with other women in the circle.

We develop empathy, listening, feeling each other; we tune and harmonize ourselves with the flow of One Circle. At this level we connect ourselves with all women.
We learn how to listen to the Space of One and to move consciously in the Mandala dance, experiencing the universal dimension, becoming its part. We expand our attention and consciousness. At this level we begin to step into the dance.

Level 3
This is the level of the manifested Mandala of the Universe.
At this level, we enter the Mandala dance as it is, learning to unite all the principles of the practice – conscious presence in the dance movements, breath, synchronous and harmonious connection with other women and the dance of the circle.

We realize, live and channel through ourselves all the states that are formed by the sacred Dance pattern of Universal Mandala, manifesting harmoniously the energy and quality of all the supreme elements, all directions of the world. We channel through ourselves the wisdom and light of all Masters and Teachers. We unite all spaces and all cycles of life.

We learn to dwell consciously in this universal dimension with each other and with the whole Universe, dedicating the fruits of our practice for the benefit of all sentient beings who live in the human dimension.

This practice can be compared to the sacred dances of Sufis, Gurdjieff movements, temple Indian and Thai dances, etc

Light Mandala

What is a Mandala?

It is a model that restores the Divine order. These are the planes of ethereal structures that exist at the levels of different dimensions and manifest themselves in all sorts of geometric and light forms, for the activation and transmission of the Spiritual code.

Mandala creates a vibration, restoring the connection between ethereal plane of Higher dimensions and etheric, emotional body. The structure of the Mandala creates a stream of spirals, carrying a code of Higher dimensions, harmonizing the space at the level of the soul, body and mind. Mandalas manifest themselves as healing streams, harmonizing energy like icons and yantras.

Light mandalas integrate Yin and Yang polarities, remove blocks and negative information, balance and adjust the work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The pure light of the mandalas activates the subtle fields of intention in the Higher dimensions and they begin to vibrate. Attuning to these vibrations through sacred dance, breath and meditation, our whole being acquires the quality of mandala!

Light mandala is based on the Flower of Life. It harmonizes the energy fields around the person, establishing a connection between consciousness and energy, giving birth to the integrity of love and clarity of understanding

My path of discovery of Mandala Dance

Since I’m 18 years old I have studied and practiced a number of ancient world traditions, starting with energy healing, massage, Sufism, Tantra, Osho meditations, different dance styles etc. Gradually, through the practices there appeared a structure of integral knowledge about female nature. It was directly connected with the Mandala Dance, opened to me during the practices.

After the Mandala Dance structure was finally formed, I held the first 10-day group for women who had never been engaged in a dance before. The results exceeded all expectations. This course has had a profound impact on all participants, including me. I saw the live effect of this practice not only on myself, but also on other people, which confirmed the strength and importance of this ancient dance. For 10 days, the participants experienced a large number of transformations in their minds and in addition to the gush of joy because of the process of changes there were tears as well. Through those tears there came out layers of pain, accumulated and hidden in the depths of the body and soul. There were dissolved all sorts of blocks, conscious and unconscious limitations.

All participants admitted that Mandala Dance is a powerful practice of self-purification at all levels. This is the return of the free flow of energy, the primordial joy and purity, the fullness of life in all its manifestations. It is the restoration of the power of true female nature. Looking at the results of this group, I decided to conduct these practice on a permanent basis for women who are ready to reveal their nature. Women of different ages and nationalities participated in Mandala Dance, which I was holding in India for six months.

Since 2006 I have been passing on Mandala dance practice at certification workshops. Now Mandala dance classes are held in 12 countries, in more than 60 cities, thousands of women have done the workshops, almost 300 of them are constantly conducting classes. Every day I receive letters of gratitude from women and their families. Practice expands itself on Earth, leading more and more women to healing, wisdom and love.

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