December 22-26, 2022 “Sacred Knowledge” – Bali

“Sacred Knowledge” Bali Retreat with Maya Mandala.

December 22-26, 2022

Open for men and women.

Take a chance to join our unique transformation retreat on the magical island of Bali. This is the path of Awakening of your original nature and connection with the Divine sacred knowledge


• You are in a mature state and your Spirit wants to participate more in the great Life Creation, together with the whole Universe, and bring the fruit of this creativity into your daily life, building the new reality.

• You want to reveal you higher capacities, connect with your profound knowledge, recognize the Higher wisdom, and also learn to recognize signs, visions, dreams and clairaudience.

• You want to discover and consciously experience your potentiality you were born with.

• Move through the life being guided with your Divine quality of consciousness.

• You want to be in a harmonious relationships with the Universe and the world, to understand better yourself and the space around.

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions

And suddenly you felt a response inside your Being, like a small shiver ran through your body – follow the call…
This is the time to become a luminous being, absolute, clear, wise, infinite, and follow the path of Higher Knowledge and opportunities that will open up to you on this retreat.

The value of the retreat

  1. The Quality of the Creator 

To shape your life and reality as Creators from a state of awareness, maturity and responsibility.

2. Capacities

We will develop our higher capacities and qualities.

3.The primordial nature

We will recognize our primordial nature, our essence and our freedom – a way out of all stories and scenarios.

4.Ancient knowledge

We will learn to use the ancient memory of past lives in this time.

5. Uncover the higher potential

We will discover and consciously live our potentiality, we were born with.

6. The development of awareness

Learn to manage your consciousness, body, mind.

What are we going to do at the retreat

• Within 5 days, all participants will go through their own personal experience.

• We will learn about the knowledge of our Planetary System.

• We will do practices to recognize which classes of Beings we live with and what kind of relationship we have with them. We will build a new conscious relationship with different classes of Beings.

•We will go into the process of recognizing our Original Nature, our essence and our freedom – a way out of all stories and scenarios.

• We will do a conscious work with time lines and see what karmic hardship we have, what prevents our abundance, healthy relationships and success, and how to build the life we want to live.

• We will build a conscious interaction with the knowledge of the Earth and its kingdoms – crystals, minerals, plants, trees, animals, insects.


The picturesque Ananda Hotel is located in Ubud, surrounded by rice fields and close to the Monkey Forest. It offers accommodation designed in a traditional Balinese style.
The hotel has 3 swimming pools, a spa and an open-air restaurant.The rooms have a private balcony with views of the rice fields.

This retreat is for women and men who already have experience in practices and meditations. At this retreat, we will reveal our higher abilities, connect with our deep knowledge, recognize it, and also will learn to recognize signs, visions, dreams and clairaudience.


Date and time: December 22-26, 2022, check-in at the hotel on December 21.

The cost of participation in the retreat: 500 Euro until December 8, after December 8 – 600 Euro.

Prepayment for registration is 100 euros.Airfare and hotel accommodation are paid separately.

Location: Bali, Ubud.
All details and registration at the organizer: Anael +7 903 621 6633 (Telegram)



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