8-12 April 2021, Bali – Man and Woman. A Sacred Union.

Beloved, welcome to the workshop with Maya to the island of Gods Bali in April!

The workshop “Man and Woman. A Sacred Union” is a journey to our essence, to its original qualities. Within 5 days, being together in one circle, we will make a joint journey, exploring each other’s space, unveiling our true nature. This workshop is about how to go deeply into our Male and Female, to recognize the nature of these qualities within ourselves and others, to understand and to feel our differences and similarities.

We will learn how to listen to our needs -the needs of the body and soul, how to see and hear the needs of the other person. How to open up our feelings and share, being in respect and appreciation to each other. How to set and respect our personal boundaries and the boundaries of the partner. How to build harmonious relationships in a couple and with the world, going together through hard periods of life, daily changing rhythms and cycles. How to work out a creative approach to forms and ways of harmonious communication.

At the workshop we will go through the practices:

– tantric breathing practices

– tantric massage

– healing of the female and male lineages

– work with beliefs, mind attitudes, models of behavior

– purification of the mind and body

– work with visualization

– dance practices

– collective healing practices in the circle

This is an amazingly beautiful encounter of a Man and a Woman, in which we will explore ourselves through the practices of accepting the body, connection with Mother Earth and Father Heaven, connection with female and male lineages on Earth.

For women, it is an extraordinary opportunity to accept their male nature, to understand how it affects relationships with men; for men, it is a chance to recognize their sensual and emotional parts, to accept their body and to connect with Mother Earth and with their physical mother.

This group is for men and women with meditation experience.

This workshop is for couples and for those who will come alone.

More information and registration: Julia utrishkina@gmail.com or +7 926 326 7076 (calls and WhatsApp)

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