6-10 May 2022, Online – Basics of life

This workshop is avaliable only in Russian.


Participation in this workshop entitles you to take part in a certification workshop of Mandala Dance, level 1 and to get a certificate for conducting Mandala dance classes!

Once from the space of spirits, passing through a mother womb we appear in a new form. Each soul dwells in the body in a constant process of transformation through the divine Mother and Father source.

The dance of the masculine and feminine goes on and on, permeating the entire Universe: The Great Mother supports and nourishes, while the Divine Father builds a structure and direction. Relationships with a physical father and mother create patterns of our lives, helping to become conscious about the identity of macro and micro cosmos and the connection between the individual soul and the universal processes.

Also, we step into this life through birth, which encompasses death, the transition from one quality to another. Every time through death, transformation and new birth we expand and develop and therefore our wellbeing in this life depends on how consciously we go through these stages, including our personal cycles and cycles of nature, for example, the cycles of the year, month, day.


The practices at the workshop lead us through:

– Conscious birth- healing a traumatic birth experience

– Practice of conscious death; conscious completion of each life cycle;

– Living consciously the process of letting go of people, situations, experiences

– Living harmoniously all the life cycles – birth and death

– Step by step connection to the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space), recognizing the wisdom and qualities of the elements within us and without

– The connection with the Great Mother Earth, restoring our roots, the power, the wisdom, the life instincts, healing the relationships with a physical mother and all the women of our family lineage

– The connection with the female aspect – the water element. Here we unfold our sexuality, open up our emotions and heal them

– The connection with fire element and the male aspect. The healing of the stories with the physical father and the male family lineage; the connection with the Divine Father, the unfolding of our inner fire, clear mind, awareness, wisdom, structure and vector

– The connection with the air element, the breath of life, the harmonization of both aspects male and female within us and without

– The connection with the space element – we unite all levels through clear state of mind with the divine principle and our potential, creating a conscious life intention

– Tuning into solar and lunar rhythms.


During five days we open up the energy of the five sacred elements which our physical and energy body, chakras and the dimension of the reality in which we are manifested are made of. A variety of practices and meditations will help us to explore and restore the cycles of the body by tuning into solar and lunar rhythms, to heal energy that is stored in the subconscious   and to transform all experiences into wisdom and love.

This is a basic workshop in the Mandala structure, for both men and women, for beginners and advanced practitioners.


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