6-10 January 2020, Bali – Dakini dance

In every soul the sacred Knowledge lives, like subtle matrix but the fabric of each matrix is different.

Some people keep a single piece of knowledge, others- another and some people share Knowledge with the world, as it is a perfectly natural process, the breath of life. Opening in ourselves and others what we have come here for helps us not only to find the balance with the Nature but also to create a new beautiful life wherever we go and whatever we touch. And it is so simple!

During the workshop “Dakini Dance. The space of light” we will discover the hidden knowledges within us. Learning new experience and using new tools we will build a Temple, the Temple that will always be with us, within us, being the bridge between us and the Source.


The workshop consists of several parts: general transmitions for all the participants, temple transmissions of body work, tramsmission of Dakini Dance.


Dakini dance is a sacred temple dance, the dance of the space. This practice works with the higher energies and align energy at all levels. Dakini Dance shifts our consciuosness from human state to the Divine, it leads us beyond the duality, helping to reveal our true nature and crystallize our state into clear light.

Dakini Dance balances and harmonizes the energy of all the elements and the mind and we return into our presence.

For getting the transmission of Dakini you need to be an experienced practitioner, well prepared body and mind are a must. The desision if you get a transmission or not depends totaly on Maya.

The ability to activate the higher knowledge and creativity depends on three things: the place, the master and level of inner readiness. We will go through techniques that do not depend on time and the changes it brings.

Tuning into the Temple (we will use techniques that help to perceive and align ouselves with the place and the space) ( for all participants)

Dakini Dance (sacred temple dance of the space) ( if Maya permits you to participate )

Lucid Dream (the art of working with intention through dreams)

The establishment of the Temple (Creation of a new Temple of light together) To participate in Dakini Dance, send a request to an organizer with a description of your experience in spiritual practices, your photo and a link to your social networks.

The dance is passed on only for personal spiritual practice, it is a secret transmission.


Julia: utrishkina@gmail.com +7 926 326 7076 (calls & WhatsApp)

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