28 October – 1 November 2020, Kaliningrad (Svetlogorsk) – Sacred sexuality

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This workshop is a journey to ourselves, our sensuality and sexuality.

In this journey we go deeply into the body.

  • We explore the energy of sexuality and how this energy moves inside us.
  • We learn about our female and male polarities and the alchemy of these energies which happens within us and without.
  • We learn about the true nature of sexual energy; its purity, innocence and immortality
  • We release all the restrictions, prohibitions and blocks which limit the flow of life within our body and the energy field.
  • We heal the body and soul from the past stories and traumatic sexual experience.
  • We learn how to set boundaries and how to respect the boundaries of other people.
  • Working in pairs we will learn how to share our feelings with each other without judgment and fears.
  • We learn how to acknowledge our beauty and open this beauty to the world
  • We learn how to turn our sexual energy into creative forms in our life


Which practices will we use?

Breathing practices, healing, tantric practices, tantric massage, dance, guided meditations and sharing circles (questions and answers).

All this precise work will help us to become who we are, to connect with the energy of love and creation, with the divine consciousness inside us and the divine rhythm of the Universe.


This workshop is for couples and for those who will come alone.


Early-bird pricing is available!


More information and registration: Irina +7 911 455 27 77 (calls, WhatsApp, Viber), irinapletcer@yandex.ru

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