22-23 May 2020 – Online workshop “The gift of intuition”

This event is availiable only in Russian.
Intuition, inner voice – this is our connection with the Higher consciousness, the divine soul, and this is the main thing that is really important for us, the basis for a happy life and the realization of our destiny.
The inner voice guides us along the path of the soul’s Highest purpose. It can also prevent unnecessary experiences, events, it warns us and protects.
And the more developed this connection is, the easier it is to go through life.
And this applies to all life aspects, both small and large.
The intuition can manifest itself through thoughts, images, feelings.
What are we going to do at the workshop?
– restore our connection with intuition, inner voice;
– recognize different qualities of intuition;
– determine what your strong forms of intuition are;
– tune into our inner guide;
– feel and follow the instructions of the soul.
This will help you to live your life more harmoniously and happily.

This workshop is for both men and women, for all levels of practitioners.

More information and registration: mandaladanc@gmail.com

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