15 -17 January 2021, Russia, Yekaterinburg – Health matrix

This workshop allows you to establish a deep connection with the body, develop the ability to hear its needs and keep the internal balance.


Maya will transmit knowledges on proper nutrition and regulation of body elements, applicable to individual characteristics of the body, lifestyle and climatic conditions.
There will also be a lot of breathing, moving and rejuvenation practices, techniques for filling yourself with energy and balancing the work of all body systems.


This workshop will be especially valuable and effective for those who:
– feel a lack of vital energy,
– feel anxiety and stress,
– easily get colds, infections or have chronic diseases.

You will learn how to scan your body, quickly restore and increase the energy level, boost the immune system and improve your health, rejuvenate and renew body cells.



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Ekaterina +7 912 223 03 02 (WhatsApp), kattixvin@mail.ru

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