14-19 June 2022, Svetlogorsk – Blossoming

Beloved, welcome to workshop “Blossoming” with Maya in Svetlogorsk.

When we are consciously born … when we are rooted in our power … when our sexuality is once again free and innocent… when we trust the heart and the space of love is open… when all the prohibitions on the natural expression of ourselves are taken away… Here comes the time to Blossom!

The state of blossoming is an entrance into the fullness and beauty of the moment. The awakening of the flowering of our nature, the awakening of creativity, the state when our Soul sings, when we bloom with all the colors of feelings – this is what the workshop “Blossoming” is about.

We will explore how to transform all the qualities that we have discovered at the workshop “Basics of life” into the creative energy. How to direct our strength and sexuality into creativity, action, and concrete forms in all life spheres.

We will learn:

  • How to listen to the instincts, strength and wisdom of our body and Earth, and how to transform the impulse into actions and forms
  • How to live sensuality and sexuality through creativity, discovering new interactions with the world
  • How the pure light of consciousness guides us in life, how to manifest it through the structure, organization, new projects
  • How to learn to love through trust, openness, through the depth of the heart, how through this state to build relationships with people
  • How to be guided by inner voice, how to rule with our life, creating small and large projects
  • How to listen to intuition and supernatural capacities, trusting them, tuning our life and our actions in accordance with them
  • How to be in constant tune with the Higher Self, with the divine nature within us, creating our life in its higher aspect.


Being rooted in the power and wisdom, through sensuality and purposefulness, based on the profound knowledge of the soul and the world.

Connecting everything through the space of love and through the heart, we realize the Blossoming of our being.


More information and registration:

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