13-17 April 2022, Online – Obtaining the supernatural capacities

This event is only in Russian.


Dears! It is with great honor we present you a new retreat with Maya!

At that retreat through the listening to our instincts, through developing the hidden frequency of our 5 senses we will connect with the Great knowledge of the Nature and we will reveal our superpowers, going beyond our habitual vision.

It is also a transmission of the practices and knowledge about connecting with nature, working with elements and unseen beings. We will learn more about the consciousness of trees, plants, animals, crystals, and minerals.

The Mother Nature itself will teach us how to live in harmony, how to listen to her wisdom, and how to apply this knowledge to everyday life.

We will go even deeper into the study of interaction not only with manifested, visible living beings, but also with nature spirits, forest spirits, guardians, elves, dwarves…

We will gain the ancient knowledge, which are stored in the information field.


Men and women are welcome!



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