1 July, Saint-Petersburg – Soul Crystal. The Alchemical Workshop with Maya and Andrus Palauchenia

Every person in their soul keep the whole experience of human race, different creatures, plants, minerals and the space. Some experiences we have completed and there is no need to repeat them again. These experiences enrich our superconscious and we easily apply the acquired skills. There are also some stories which for various reasons we haven’t finished yet and they are very well seen in us as we come here on Earth. When we discover our capacities and talents we see them separately from one another. We tend to see ourselves fragmentary.

When we are aware of our fragmentation, we ask ourselves a question: how to put pieces of us into a single whole, how to be the Whole using at the same time all the capacities and experiences of the soul? Of course, sometimes we guess that we know the answer to this question, so we are looking for those who can guide us showing the path to follow. And then everything depends on the willingness of a person to make an effort towards themselves. And here we need a real knowledge and an effort. When we put our heart and soul.

Our workshop is about collecting pieces of ourselves in time and space, about light, a source that has been called the Soul Crystal since the very ancient times.
Having found ourselves, our crystal, we begin to clearly realize our path. And then there is no a question “who am I?” or “what is my destiny?” and everything happens through the each movement of Life itself.

The workshop is built of three parts – the traditional alchemical sequence:
-Preparation (meditations, breathing practices, sound tunings)
Preparation is often much more important than the practice itself, because if a person is truly ready, they can perceive everything without limitations.

-Transmissions (Crystal Consciousness, Soul Crystal, Emptiness and Clarity)
In the process of transmission the master channels the knowledge, light, states that cause integration at all levels of human consciousness and become the guiding star and a map for the soul.

-Transformation and assimilation (alchemical complex)
The absorption of the knowledge at the level of body energy and even at the level of each cell is necessary if we want to put pieces of ourselves together and rely on the crystal of our soul. The alchemical complex transforms the fine tunings into a physical experience of spiritual power. And having made the energy circulation for many times we maintain a clear connection with who we really are.

The uniqueness of the workshop is that we hold it when space and time are brought together as much as possible. That means that all the transformations will happen very fast. The transmission of Knowledge and its transformation for the body level will be given in a matrix form which means in its full volume but compressed into a few hours. Everything will depend on the willingness (not understanding) of each participant.

On the day of the workshop it is recommended not to eat solid food and to tune into silence in our speech and mind.
During the workshop it is forbidden to use telephones and other mobile devices. They must be left outside the room.

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