Creator, author and master of Mandala Dance and Dakini Dance practices, numerous workshops for awakening primordial nature, as well as practices in the Mandala lineage. She has been practicing for more than 30 years and shares her experience which helps her to be in a harmony with herself and the world, to find realizasion in life and to help other people. One of the first Russian-speaking women masters of integral knowledge of the female and human nature.


She was born and lived in Kaliningrad until she was 18. From the age of 18 she began to practice meditation, exploring the capacities of human consciousness and the ways of spiritual growth. She studied various bioenergetic practices, Reiki, parapsychology and Agni yoga. Also, she actively developed healing capacities. For this explorarion she was pushed by her own state of health, and later by the illness of her grandmother, whom at the beginning she started healing intuitively, and then continued developing her healing skills with different masters.

Simultaneously, with spiritual powers, creative capacities were also opened up. A vivid sense of color and beauty led Maya to study painting. In this period she was attending art studio parallel to teaching art at elementary school. Then she entered the art – graphic faculty of the Pedagogical University in Moscow.

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During her studying at the university there happened a meeting with Lama OLE Nydal and a transmission from him. At this meeting she was invited to a retreat of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, enlighten Dzogchen master. From that moment, Dzogchen became her all – embracing support in life, and Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche – a Root teacher.

One of the most significant meetings was a meeting with the Sufi master Zahira , with whom Maya spent 14 years. In the same period she began to practice Tantra with the teachers Surabi, Punit and Anand.

Books and practices with group – leaders of master Osho had also a great influence on her.


She studied different types of massage (Thai, classical, Japanese, etc.), as well as the art of healing and therapeutic work. For 14 years was practicing individual sessions with people and a group work with drug addicts.

Dancing took a special place in Maya’s life. For many years she was traveling around the world studying various dance styles and performing at festivals. She danced flamenco, tango, contemporary, jazz modern, african dances, contact improvisation. Also, she taught Dance & Art therapy with Anna Grafeeva.

The dance experience showed how to get in touch with the female nature and vibration through the movement, how creativity, spirituality and body practices merge into One Path. Inspite of this, still there was no unity between dance and meditation, there was missing a mystic point in-between where a dance is as a sacred practice.

The thirst for understanding herself more deeply, the search for the female essence, for its wisdom and depth brought Maya to India, Goa. Here she dedicated her time to tantric practices, transformation and healing of her female part. During those practices a hidden memory of the soul and past incarnations arised.

It was the ancient knowledge of the sacred temple dance Mandala, which combines sacred geometry of movement, energy work, the power and wisdom of the female nature. When the Mandala dance appeared, Maya began to hold groups for women. Step by step there came clarity about the workhop’s structure and new practices were gradually added.

In this same period her one more master was an enlighten master and a healer Patrick San Francesco. Also in Goa Maya spent a lot of time with masters Neeru and Cuckoozen.

In 2008 an acquaintance with Tanit took place. Thanks to the joint experience of Maya and Tanit, there was created a structure of trainings in the lineage of Mandala practices, a system of workshops: Birth, Blossoming and Maturity. Since 2006 the practice of Mandala dance has been passed on at certification workshops. Nowdays Mandala dance classes are held in 12 countries, in more than 80 cities, thousands of women have done the seminars, almost 300 of them are constantly conducting classes.


During the years of conducting practices there were created athorial workshops:
– Return to yourself. Workshop on working with mind programs
– Sacred sexuality
– Man and woman a sacred union. Tantric workshop with Maya and Tyezan.
– Priestess
– Wave yoga
– Certification workshops of Mandala Dance 1,2,3 levels
– Dakini dance
– Sacred femininity
– Space of light. Workshop with Maya and Moon
– Basis of life
– Life as a great dance
– Nature of love
– Life purpose
– All kinds of dance
– Abundance and realization in life
– The art of breathing, dance and healing. Workshop with Maya and Master Yu

There were made videos with practices and warm-up, which women can use for their personal practice and in 2017 there was published a book of the Mandala dance which collected knowledges about the practice, transmitted for 6 years of workshops.

There happened a beautiful co- creation and workshops with masters of different traditions and lineages:
– Yu Jae-Sheen, Korea
– Tanit, Russia
– Tyezan, Switzerland, Bali
– Andrus Palauchenia, Minsk
– Oleg Cherne, Russia
– Neeru, Germany
– Stepan Menshikov, Russia
– Shiona Ona, Spain
– Mounir Khoury (Shakana Moon)
– Shiva Girish, India

Maya was a participant and an inspirer of art projects:
– Art Mandala with Yuri Lvov and Grigory Zedginidze
– Art project with Yuri Lvov
– Music for Mandala dance with Sundari, Te Touze, Kirill Osherov
– Dakini Dance
– Participation in concert organization, stage costumes designing, dance performing in the show of a singer Peruquois (Australia). Also has appeared in Peruquois’s music video on the song “She”.

Participation in festivals:
– Mandala fest, Russia
– Twice represented Mandala practice at Bali Spirit Fest, Bali (was the first Russian-speaking master)
– Tantra fest, Goa
– Damanhur, Italy
– Dzogchen festival, Moscow (representing the Mandala dance in the space of the master)
– Tribal fest, Goa
– Juggling convention, Goa
– Art music dance (participation and organization), Goa
– Krishna, Nizhny Novgorod
– Free spirit yoga fest, Moscow

Maya supports charity projects:
– Samarpan Foundation and other charity projects.
– Building of a Buddhist Gompa (Tenerife)

Today Maya designs her own collection of sacred jewelry and clothing and continues to travel all over the world with various workshops including Mandala dance transmission.

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