Maya Mandala – master of sacred knowledge of human nature; creator of Mandala dance school.


Maya created an educational system for transmission of spiritual knowledge and practices. This system is about our world and humanity in it, about whole and integrated system of different levels of consciousness and essence of being, about opening higher possibilities in ourselves.

Maya Mandala was one of the first women in western world, bearing the integrated knowledge of female nature and mankind. For more than 30 years Maya studied and practiced different lineages of worldwide traditions. Energy work and massages, intuitive healing, Sufism and Tantra, Osho meditations, different types of dance etc. Teaching of Dzogchen became a fundamental line in her life. Step by step through practices a whole integrated system of knowledge about essense of being and nature of woman became to rise and take its shape.


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Maya Mandala gives seminars, workshops, master-classes, retreats and transmissions for more than 20 years all around the world in more than 10 countries and 80 cities; for thousands of women and hundreds of men.

Maya is an author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini Dance, wave yoga, Egyptian yoga, Egyptian dance and more. Maya was teaching in India, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and all over Russia. She participated in international projects and festivals, co-created and taught together with masters, spiritual leaders and artists.


Maya released series of recordings with practices and lessons, wrote a book about Mandala dance and a book “Breath of Life”

Now Mandala dance practices are held in 12 countries and more than 60 cities; thousands of women participated in seminars and there are more than 300 teachers of Mandala dance right now.


Maya’s practices have been transforming consciousness of women for many years and had a huge impact on forming the new generation of female holistic teachers in Russia and other countries.

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