The transmission of the Dakini Dance practice, has taken place in Bali.

A deep retreat, the transmission of the Dakini Dance practice, has taken place in Bali.

It was the practice that leads beyond space and time, the great return Home, into the primordial nature. Thanks to the master and to the Higher consciousness for the support and the transmissions and the opportunity to enter that divine space. It is a priceless gift and a blessing for all the participants.


Ekaterina Bondareva, a participant of our retreat, shared her experience:

“How can I say something that doesn’t fit into any words?

This is a deep sacred practice that leads into the space of purity… beyond all dimensions and spaces, beyond all stories, beyond space and time but at the same time IT includes all of it.

How do I know who I am? I mean, who I really am, in my core…

The Return into the original nature. The Unity.

Dakini dance is the practice that takes to that dimension.

When the Divine dances through you. When you are the Divine.

There is no separation, no difference.

When your consciousness is One Divine consciousness, when the Divine light is Your Light.

And there is no more ” Divine” and «You “. And there is nothing in-between, There is ONE.”

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