Registration for the workshops “Basics of life” and “Mandala Dance, level 1” in Svetlogorsk is now open!


Registration for the workshops “Basics of life” and “Mandala Dance, level 1”, which will be held in May, 2020 in Svetlogorsk is now open.


“Basics of life” is an initial workshop with Maya, consisting of practices that help to change the state of your consciousness and self perception, as well as to step into totaly different level of life. This is a workshop for those women and men who are ready for changes in their lives and who choose the path of harmonious transformation.

“Mandala dance, level 1” is an initial stage of temple dance Mandala. It is about body and mind alignment, mindfulness, breath and movement, returning to a conscious living in the body, unfolding the soul gifts and healing the past experiences.

At this level we master the base of the dance movements, learning about the main patterns of the sacred geometry.

This workshop is conducted by Veronika Rudikova ( Movia), a student of Maya and certificated instructor of the 3rd level of the Mandala Dance practice.

Information and registration HERE

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