“Maturity” in Crimea

In Crimea, Russia, there has been held a workshop “Maturity”. The participants gathered together have been following the path of consciousness for several years, many of them have been already implementing their projects and are ready to enter a new level of interaction with the world, not only in social terms but also on a soul level.

At all levels, we were connecting to the quality of mature vision of the reality as it is, the processes taking place in the world right now, with our inner wisdom to interact with the world.

Nowadays, not many people on Earth live the life fulfilling the higher plan of their spirit and we have lifted the veil to receive the true keys and transmissions of this knowledge and the divine guidance.

This is the stage at which the master gives very deep meditations and practices to work at all levels, when the old contracts are canceled and the opened scales exceed the original request.

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