We have some changes in the Mandala Dance lineage

Beloved Women!

We have some changes in the Mandala Dance lineage and the stages of how I pass on the practice. This is both due to the space-time processes taking place on Earth at the moment, as well as stepping up the standards for the level of preparation and purity of the intention for those who want to be a Mandala Dance leader.

This time in Bali, in February 2020, there will be the last time when I conduct the certification workshop of “Mandala dance, level 1” by myself. In the future, level 1, where there will be given the technique and basic knowledge of the Mandala dance practice will be held by my student Veronica Rudikova (Movia).

It will be possible to pass the certification and get the transmission of the practice only at the second level, which will be held by me. During the time of existence of Mandala Dance practice, a lot of certificates have been granted but there are only a few women who have been still practicing and even less who want to upgrade their skills. Many of those who have received the certificate of the first level, began to conduct practice as they had “understood” it, but not as I transmit and I never see them again in my space.

It is important to understand that women who attend only a week-long Mandala Dance course do not receive a full transmission of the practice. They learn how to be in the presence and recognize things; they align elementary elements in the body. There is yet no understanding of the sacred geometry and light structure of the dance, but surprisingly enough everybody tend to teach, even without dedicating their time for the recommended personal practice.

Therefore, I want women to approach certification being already in a certain state of body and mind, having the necessary knowledge about the practice and the transmission. And only those who are really interested, who are ready to put their heart and soul and grow in the practice, will receive the certificates.

Love, Maya

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