The workshop “Blossoming” in Kaliningrad has gone this summer

The workshop “Blossoming” in Kaliningrad has gone in a blink of an eye, leaving warmth in many hearts. Here is one of the reviews about it, made by Eketerina Medvedeva from Russia, Nyznevartovsk.

“What did I expect from the workshop? Why did I come?…just to be together.

There is no expectations but the pleasure from that moment. I’m here!

Everything is clear and simple. Ask any question and the whole space answers.

So much laughter, dancing, love and wisdom…
The blossoming is when the images of the flower and the dance arise in meditation… and in the next minute the women near you begin to create this flower with their bodies, hands, unity…

It is when someone takes my hand and I’m involved in the dance I have just danced only in my imagination.
How can I convey the beauty of these moments? It’s like conveying the fragrance of a pink rose that I’ve been inhaling all these days…

I wish it happed to all of you!”

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