“The Basics Of Life” With Maya In Svetlogorsk

This golden, warm Autumn, in an amazingly beautiful place Svetlogorsk there has been a workshop with Maya “The Basics of Life”.
Not only good weather and the beauty of local nature were marked by participants but also comfortable conditions and a fabulous space in which they spent these days.
Our soul journey was deep, healing and creative. And all the processes happened in the very  harmonious way.

Here are some feedback from the participants:
Ekaterina Bondareva (Moscow):
Total Reboot. I plunged into the immense Silence. “The master is the one who helps turn psychosis into a soul breakthrough.” Words just can not describe. There is only admiration of the subtle and jewelry work of the Master. The real work of the master could be not so visible … it is so beautiful and elegant .. like a butterfly that flies quietly and sits on the hand gently .. and you need to be very, very quiet for not to frighten it away with your fears or chaotic actions .. and to be able to recognize what is beyond words …
That’s for sure: “one can see if they have eyes”
Now I see a clear vector and I know where I’m going to, and most importantly – why. I’m at home. I met myself. I fell the taste of eternity, the vibration of life that passes through me.

Alexandra Soboleva (Severodvinsk):
Maya is simply amazing. Extraordinary inner strength and confidence in what is happening, wisdom and knowledge, female grace and tranquility, this soaring gait and laughter — everything is perfectly combined in this woman and passes on to the outside world … You look at her and you understand what the female power is!
At this workshop for the first time in my life I shared in a circle of almost 50 people, what I hadn’t told even my closest friend … I felt the support and empathy of each woman in the circle, and my heart is so thankfull for that.
I saw how people open up and begin to trust themselves, others, the life.

Ekaterina Medvedeva (Moscow):
What a happiness to be together! Together with the master, with love, with acceptance, silence and sound, peace and action.
For whom is the workshop”The basics of life”? For everybody! For every man and woman. For anyone who misses home, themselves and love …love to the world, to the life, to themselves.
How often do we feel total acceptance from ourselves or others? Which words can convey these feelings? If once you feel it, it is possible to recall…
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