Dakini Dance

About Me

I was born in Kaliningrad, Russia and spent my childhood there. The condition of my grandmother and my personal health inspired me to learn about "alternative healing methods" and meditation already at age 16.

With 18 years I moved deeper into meditation and healing, parallel to a study of art at the Pedagogical Institute of Moscow. My path moved further into healing arts by studying Thai-, Swedish- and Japanese massage, Rebalancing and Reiki. For two years I worked in a centre for drug rehabilitation, led the dance therapies, held "creative dance" workshops with Anna Garafeeva, attended "Tsekh Russia" and "Yaroslavl" dance festivals.

I studied Modern, Contemporary and Contact Impovisation Dances with teachers like Valentina Ustinova, Steve Paxton and many others. For my last 17 years I practised Dzogchen Buddism with master Namkhai Norbu and 14 years of Sufi with master Ma Zahira in the USSR and New Zealand. 4 years I attended the Tantra seminars of Surabhi and Punit Fischer and learned Tibetan Pulsing.

Since 2003 I am travelling around the world, mainly living and teaching in Russia, India and Europe, where I am holding various meditation and dance therapy seminars.

It was 2007 that I started to work especially with women, giving courses, which comprise the essence of my experience in healing arts, various meditation in combination to my unique style of Temple Dance, called "Mandala Dance".

In 2008 life brought me together with my soul sister Tanhit, we instantly discovered our deep connection beyond this lifetime and decided to work together. Her own, profound knowledge of practise and meditation and her personal history brought her to discover and develop her healing powers.

We fused our experiences and shaped the practise of Mandala Dance to what it is today: a deep practise, a combination of various healing arts and meditation techniques. 

Mandala Dance


"Heart of Paris", GOA, 2009