Maya Mandala

Maya is simply amazing. Extraordinary inner strength and confidence in what is happening, wisdom and knowledge, female grace and tranquility, this soaring gait and laughter — everything is perfectly combined in this woman and passes on to the outside world ... You look at her and you understand what the female power is! At this workshop for the first time in my life I shared in a circle of almost 50 people, what I hadn't told even my closest friend ... I felt the support and empathy of each woman in the circle, and my heart is so thankfull for that. I saw how people open up and begin to trust themselves, others, the life.
Maya Mandala

Total Reboot.

I plunged into the immense Silence. "The master is the one who helps turn psychosis into a soul breakthrough." Words just can not describe. There is only admiration of the subtle and jewelry work of the Master. The real work of the master could be not so visible ... it is so beautiful and elegant .. like a butterfly that flies quietly and sits on the hand gently .. and you need to be very, very quiet for not to frighten it away with your fears or chaotic actions .. and to be able to recognize what is beyond words ...

That's for sure: “one can see if they have eyes” Now I see a clear vector and I know where I'm going to, and most importantly - why. I'm at home. I met myself. I fell the taste of eternity, the vibration of life that passes through me.

Maya Mandala

What a happiness to be together! Together with the master, with love, with acceptance, silence and sound, peace and action. For whom is the workshop”The basics of life”? For everybody! For every man and woman. For anyone who misses home, themselves and love …love to the world, to the life, to themselves. How often do we feel total acceptance from ourselves or others? Which words can convey these feelings? If once you feel it, it is possible to recall…
Maya Mandala

Throughout these 5 days there were so many practices, which gave me a chance to understand and accept myself. Each day, with each practice and each meditation I opened up something new within me.

I saw myself from different perspectives, learnt to accept different sides of my being and to witness them, staying in a clear presence. I feel that the healing process has begun.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Maya for the practice, for the experience, for mandala dance, which has changed me and my life.

Maya Mandala

It was a Mystery, something magical where my soul was celebrating. I was so glad to be there! So many beautiful goddesses revealed their potential. I felt that I was in “female Hogwarts”, where so many aspects were discussed openly. It’s only possible to live it through, there are no words to express what I felt. I believe that yesterday was not the end, but only the beautiful beginning of something new and surprising.
Maya Mandala
Maya Mandala
Это совершенно ИНАЯ степень Свободы и Радости жизни. Словно выросли крылья, и я вижу бескрайние просторы, куда легко могу летать. Для меня это - как открытие новых перспектив и планов на жизнь.
Maya Mandala
Я благодарна себе и всему тому, что привело меня на этот семинар. Появилась легкость в теле, прошли некоторые болезни, я хорошо там почистилась. Я увидела новые возможности и горизонты, мне сейчас все доступно и возможно. Я занялась танцами, вместе с мужем танцуем сальсу, бачату, занялась живописью. Хочу оставаться открытой для мира, приносить ему пользу. Люблю жизнь и живу более полной жизнью. Хочу раскрываться дальше. Выражаю огромную благодарность Майе!
Maya Mandala
Утренние разминки, медитации и дыхательные практики дополняли собой те глубокие передачи Знаний, которыми с нами делилась Майя днем и вечером. С её помощью мы распознавали свои собственные внутренние программы, программы семьи и рода, программы национальных эгрегоров, которые присутствуют в нас. Прямо на семинаре мы принимали их в себе, благодарили и отпускали. Это была очень практическая работа – Здесь и Сейчас. И это было очень мощно и значимо для каждой из Женщин.
Maya Mandala

The most important thing that happened to me is that I feel myself as a CREATOR! It is reflected mainly in taking responsibility for everything that I’ve invited into my life, for all the experiences that I live through. I broke myself free from feeling guilty that I was doing something wrong, from lots of programs and if some of the programs still appear out of habit, I realize that and get reed of them. I feel free, as if the wings have grown behind my back!

About Maya’s workshops in Bali

(Workshop “Priestess” 28-31 March 2013 and “Opening your sexual nature” 3-7 April 2013)

In March 2013, Maya held a workshop called “Priestess” for the first time on the island of Bali.

The workshop was full of various breathing techniques, meditations, and lucid dreaming practices, which helped women to recognize and accept the nature of their inner Priestess, to see and recognize the depth of power and knowledge in themselves inherent to the Priestess.

The key difference in the workshop was a clear and precise sharing of knowledge and practical techniques from Maya – the Master, who helped participants to go consciously into the process of recognizing their inner programs and attitudes, those beliefs that limited their lives and prevented them from feeling happy and satisfied. Moreover, at the workshop, each woman who participated, opened up her own internal Truth Recognizer — outside any system, outside religious denominations, outside smart books and teachings on how to “live properly”.


At the workshop, each woman chose herself on how to live and made the decision on her own. What’s more, each one of them saw their own barriers, which were built for themselves. In the course of the workshop, everyone had an opportunity to see and realize exactly at what point their own decision was made to live exactly the way they are now, to take responsibility for this decision and to change it – to choose for themselves the Co-Creation from their Free Will. It was a conscious movement of each of the participants and presence in every second of here and now.

Each woman received a direct transmission from the Master and everyone had the opportunity to see the Priestess in herself, creating her life and her destiny, knowing and understanding the World and her Nature. Each participant discovered the qualities of clairvoyance, clear knowledge and clairaudience. Each and every one created her own intention, acquiring the qualities of the creator of her own life.
IMG_6995e(1)From the 3rd till the 7th of April, the second workshop “Opening your sexual nature” took place.

This workshop was a space where women discovered the Archetype of Mistresses in themselves and recovered their natural qualities of playfulness, ease and joy of life.

The workshop was the place of pure clarity and deepest honesty, the absolute Truth about the One.

Each woman noticed and recognized her prohibitions, attitudes, programs and barriers associated with sexuality and its manifestation, relationships within a couple, with their roles, masks, painful moments in the terms of natural sexuality, with those limitations and concepts that prevent us from enjoying life and relations – with yourself and with a partner. All women got the opportunity to part with this heavy burden of the past and transform it into love and joy; and to do it immediately during the workshop- in the safe and intimate, filled with honesty, support and love of the Master space.

Maya shared her deepest knowledge about Tantra, Divine Couple of Beloved, about connecting with her inner beloved, about filling her relationships with a beloved with joy and happiness.

During the workshop, there were practices that helped each woman to reveal her inner Mistress — morning relaxing-tonic warm-ups, Mistress dance, massages and meditations that connected women with their natural source of strength and sexuality — with their womb. The transformation during this workshop was a continuation of the first one called “Priestess” – from the quality of clarity, presence, vision, recognition, acceptance and release with love and gratitude.

The eyes of every woman gleamed with love and joy.

IMG_7269Women share their experiences and feelings after the workshops

Anastasia Ivantsova

“Beloved, I share my experience after the Priestess workshop with great joy. It is a complete transformation. The most important thing that happened to me is that I feel myself a CREATOR! It is revealed, first of all, in accepting responsibility for everything that I have invited into my life, for all the experience that I live through. I broke free from the feeling of guilt that I was doing something wrong, from many programs, and if any program still appears out of habit, I see it and disconnect from it. It is a sheer feeling of freedom, as if the wings grew behind my back! The feeling of lightness, the game! Now i feel the need to go deep into the dance, as a conscious practice of working with energies and space. These are the changes that take place after the workshop. Maya, I send you lots of gratitude and love! As well as to all beloved women! ”

Natalya Almazova

“I wish to share my feelings and impressions after the workshop. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to myself and to everything that brought me to this workshop. After the workshop, I had lots of lightness inside my body, even some of the diseases left; I feel that I cleansed myself well. I continue working on recognizing my programs and as well as in the lives of other people surrounding me. I help others being a mirror for them, appealing to my wisdom and maturity, sending them help and support. This workshop also stirred up some negative thoughts in my head, and now my mind tries to compare and evaluate what’s going on. I am actually happy about that, cause now I can recognize what it is and where it comes from, to accept, be grateful, forgive and let go. I saw new opportunities and horizons, I feel that everything is now absolutely available and possible for me. I started dancing, together with my husband we dance salsa, bachata and other dances. It was such a group where it was necessary to dance with different partners, not just with a husband or wife. That was lots of fun and I liked it. I started painting. I wish to remain open to the world and benefit other people. I love my life and live it even to a greater extent. I’d love to open up even further. Lots of gratitude to Maya!”

Olga Podporina

“The space where Maya took us, is the place where it is impossible to say ” I don’t know”, ” I can’t”, “I don’t see”, “I don’t hear”, “This has nothing to do with me ” because I know, I can, I see, hear, and in everything that happens, there is MY sheer participation. There are no compromises here, but there is responsibility for my choice – how, what’s the quality of my life, how I interact, what I share with the world. And what a surprise- there is no seriousness in it. At the workshop, deep connection with my dark part happened. The part I always wanted to “do something” with. Together with this connection lots of strength, confidence and deepest peace came. Maya led us to the experience of “remembering who we are, remembering how we created the worlds”, it was such a clear, joyful memory — experience of living it through, that now I know this, now I Am. Maya told us: “Now you are moving on a super-high-speed aircraft, and all the events, all the lessons, intentions will happen at the same speed. Are you ready?”. Well yes, that is how it all happens! There is so much life, taste, excitement, fire, lots of truth. The space of the Priestess is the space in co-creation with Existence, with each other – in clarity, gratitude, support, celebration, love, abundance. ”

Sien Shamuratova

“I attended Maya’s workshop absolutely consciously. I already had experience remembering my other lives where I was a priestess. Quite often this experience was rather dramatic, and not accepted by the Soul. But working consciously for several years has helped to partially integrate it in present life. Although deep inside there was a feeling that I did not use this Knowledge in its entirety. At the workshop I was able to see and release a lot of social programs that did not allow me to live my Nature in its unique way, imposing certain scenarios and behaviors that, like a pressure corset, did not allow breathing easily and freely. In the process of release, so quickly (if not to say fantastically fast), the body was healing and opening itself, the usual blocks left, and the body began to change its shape, getting back to its real form and plastic. The important point was that returning to your true nature became the starting point for a completely new level of perception of yourself as a Priestess, your Strength, degree of responsibility for your thoughts, words, actions. I started being aware of the possibilities of my influence and interaction with the world and people. The concepts like: “This does not concern me …, I have nothing to do with it …, I cannot change anything …, I have no strength,” etc. were gone completely.
If now I feel the need to connect with some place, space or person in order to share my Love, state of Harmony and bring Balance, I do it, regardless of the country, scale and extent of my direct personal involvement. In addition, I see the specific results of this interaction. They make me feel so happy!
The binding to national, religious or political egregors has left my life. This is a new feeling for me – “The Woman of the World”, when I do not feel myself a part of any particular country or nation, but a Being associated equally with all living creatures on the Planet Earth and outside it …
This is a completely DIFFERENT degree of Freedom and Joy of life. As if wings grew, and I see endless spaces where I can fly easily. This is like opening new perspectives and life plans for me.
A state of pleasant stability and calm Force has come into my life. I know that my possibilities are limited only by the degree of my knowledge, faith, and self-awareness as an inseparable part of the Universal Flow of Life. ”

Irina Avdeeva (Leda)

“Maya’s workshops in Bali in March-April 2013 are the most import for me – the strongest and deepest of all the workshops that I have already passed in Mandala Practices.
I traveled to Bali without a clear intention; I somehow did not realize it. It was in the air, but I could not articulate it properly. I simply followed the Master. As a result, I received one of the most precious gifts.
For me, both workshops were held under the motto of three “O” (Responsibility, Awareness, Release) (in Russian these words start with O) and three “P” (Recognition, Forgiveness, Acceptance) (in Russian these words start with P). For me, it was the main difference between these two workshops from all previous ones. That was their real depth for me.
I used to refer these terms to workshops on spiritual growth and spiritual practices. For me, these terms were something so highly spiritual and advanced, while Mandala Practice was something very feminine, intimate and understandable (“we practice Mandala, fill ourselves with energy, harmonize female nature”). Until the last two workshops with Maya, I separated Mandala Practice (as a practice of revealing and realizing my feminine nature through Mandala dance and working with energies) and the practice of my spiritual realizations, meditations and developing the state of presence in the moment.
I never expected that I would work so deeply with the Awareness and Presence in the space of these two workshops and receive knowledge of such a quality and depth that will connect and complement my understanding of the world order and the nature of everything that surrounds me.
At both workshops, Maya showed us and passed on knowledge and practical techniques for our own inner work on the recognition of the qualities of a Priestess and a Mistress. Maya worked with each woman, with each situation and with each awareness that came to us in a circle from each of the participant.
At the first workshop, this happened through the revelation of the Priestess Archetype in myself, the acceptance of its Knowledge, its natural Wisdom, and the qualities of Clear-Knowledge and Clairvoyance (and of course, clear-audience and clear-statement of those realizations). We talked and discussed a lot at this workshop, shared so much with each other and with the Master. Morning warm-ups, meditations and breathing practices complemented the deep transmission of the Knowledge that Maya shared with us in the afternoon and evening. With her help, we recognized our own inner programs, programs of our families and races, programs of national egregors that are present in us. Right at the workshop we accepted those programs in ourselves and, feeling grateful, let them go. It was a very practical work – here and now. It was so powerful and significant for each of the Women.
I assumed that the second workshop would somehow resemble Tantra and tantric practices. Though, I was so wrong. Yes, it was about the revelation of the Archetype of a Mistress and the qualities of her natural sexuality – lightness, playfulness, coquetry, ease. However, in terms of content and its depth, the second workshop was rather a smooth continuation of the first one. The same deep integration with every woman, every story and inquiry. Of course, we had morning workouts, Mistresses dance, and massage sessions. However, all this rather pleasantly complemented the deep inner work of recognizing our programs related to the manifestation of natural sexuality and the realization of sexual energy in our own lives.
Another difference between the previous workshops, which definitely added great value, was the ability to apply all the obtained knowledge to the real everyday life. It is only necessary to stay PRESENT and REALIZE what is happening to me here right now. You should better ask yourself, listen to yourself, your body, your womb, rather than random astrologists, fortune-tellers, soothsayers, some external forces – all the answers are ALREADY inside myself. One can change his or her life right now, right in the space of the workshop, not postponing for later saying that “I will think about it tomorrow.” Without shifting responsibility for your choice and your decision to someone other than yourself.
This was another crucial realization during and after the workshops – my own responsibility for what happens in my life. Not because this is my horoscope and the influence of the planets. Not because this is my karma. Just because it was my choice – the choice of my Supreme Being, my Soul. While in meditation, we return into the decision point, the entry point into this or that situation, we realized so much clearly that we invite all situations and all people in our life ourselves, so that the Soul receives a certain valuable experience. It was a complete inner breakthrough and an inner awareness of a totally another level. So that to say to myself “I don’t know” or “it seemed to me” won’t work anymore – I simply know.
Now, when this Understanding came to me after several years of practice, this Vision and this Awareness, I am infinitely glad and happy. I continue my journey, I continue to practice Mandala.
I thank my Master – Maya from the bottom of my heart for these two workshops, for the depth and quality of the program, for the ease, support and participation in each story, for creating such an evolving and resourceful space where you can safely reveal even the most distant and old stories. . Special thanks for the “Zen stick” and sense of humor, which brought me back purity and simplicity of perception and awareness.
Maya, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”

IMG_7010Guests, attending workshops

We invited TyeZan, a Master who holds various dance and tantric workshops specialized on revealing feminine nature. He also conducts numerous dance events and advises on Human Design”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

In between practicing and meditating, we invited women who create beautiful jewelry and clothing in Bali. IMG_6999(1)Our guest and one of the participants in this workshop was the gorgeous Kaora Sandara, who most of the time lives in Bali and creates her own cosmic jewelry. We thank Kaora for the beauty that she brought together with her creations and participation to the workshop.

One day a snake visited us, which caused a storm of feelings and emotions!IMG_7241

The workshop was held in an amazing retreat center called Jiwa Damai, near Ubud, Bali (Indonesia). Jiwa Damai – is a socially responsible eco-retreat center, and Margaret – the founder, used various steps to protect the environment and the community of people living in its vicinity. The center is located far from Ubud bustle and is surrounded by tropical jungle.
Margaret herself conducts various workshops on transpersonal psychology in the USA, Europe and Bali and has written three books about her experiences.
We express our sincere gratitude to Margaret for her care and amity that she surrounded us with, and her unique, amazing, strong and ancient place that she preciously guards.

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