8-13 April 2020, Bali – Sacred wisdom “Priestess”

We invite you to the 8th workshop Priestess from 8 to 13 of April 2020. This workshop takes place every year on the mystical island of Bali.
During the workshop we will be exploring the archetype of the Priestess and Priest, will get connected with profound intuitive knowledge and will be learning to recognize the signs, visions, lucid dreams and clairaudience.
• We’ll go into the space where the past, present and future are combined in presence and clarity
• We will be healing memory of the soul and body, regaining our strength and recognizing the mission of present incarnation
• We will be exploring how to create an intention being in responsibility and free will
• We’ll realize and release our beliefs and attitudes we have adopted from family egregor, nationality egregor, religion and so on and will bring our life force back to us to follow our own destiny.
NOTE: This workshop is for men and women who already have had an experience in meditation practices.
To participate in the workshop you must send an email to the organizer, Yulia, describing your experience in practices (which practices you have experienced and when), also please mention you experience in Mandala practices (in which groups of Maya or Tanit you have participated).

Please register for a early-bird price till 15th of December!

Discount for 2 workshops in Bali (Priestess and Sacred sexuality) -50 euros
Discount if you participated in this workshop before -50 euros
Discount for couples -100 euros
The workshop will be held on the beautiful, magical, tropical island Bali, in the retreat center located on the North coast of the island.
Please register early because space is limited!
For more information and registration please contact Yulia utrishkina@gmail.com
+79263267076 (calls and WhatsApp)

For getting more information about this workshop and prices use contact form and organizer will contact you.

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