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  • Advanced seminars

    The return to ourselves. Workshop to work with mind programs.

      This is an intense workshop which affects all levels of our interaction with structures and systems in life which are formed in egregors. It qualitatively changes our lives in all senses. In the space of this workshop we will go into the study of mind programs, attitudes, beliefs, scenarios

  • mayamandala-zhritsa Advanced seminars

    Sacred Wisdom (Priestess)

    We invite you to the 7th workshop Priestess from 2 to 8 of May 2019. This workshop takes place every year on the mystical island of Bali.   During the workshop we will be exploring the archetype of the Priestess and Priest, will get connected with profound intuitive knowledge and

  • Advanced seminars

    Dakini Dance

      Dakini Dance is a sacred temple dance, a dance of the space. The effect of this sacred practice: It works with higher energies and aligns energy at all levels Raises our consciousness from the human state to the cosmic level Takes us into the space beyond duality Helps to

  • Advanced seminars

    Workshop- journey with Maya – “Divine tunings”

    Beloved, we are pleased to invite you to a new workshop – journey with Maya. It will be a mysterious travelling to some special places of the Earth. Each place has its own purpose, and they have been laid down earlier by the Planet itself and other Civilizations. In such

  • Advanced seminars

    Man and Woman. A Sacred Union.

    The workshop “Man and Woman. A Sacred Union” is a journey into our essence, into its original qualities. Within 6 days we will open each other’s space being in one circle and diving into a joint journey unveiling our true nature. This workshop is about how to go deeply into