• Сertification workshops of Maya’s practices

    There are two new workshops of Maya's practices. 1st workshop is focused on conscious body alignment, on a work with its structure, channels, centers and the flow of body energy through movement. In 2nd workshop Maya will transmit the practices of working with the soul, the information fields, cleansing and

  • Mandala dance, level 1, 2, 3

    Certification dance workshops which give the right to conduct Mandala Dance classes. Mandala dance is a deep practice of working with energy, body and consciousness, which combines in its structure dance movements, breath and attention skills.

  • Basics of life – 1st level

    Participation in this workshop entitles you to take part and to get a certificate for conducting Mandala dance classes! We step into this life through birth, which encompasses death, the transition from one quality to another, from space of spirits, passing through a mother womb we appear in a new

  • Birth – 1st level

    In this 7-day workshop women will pass through deep practices of Mandala dance, tantric meditation, Tao- and breathing exercises. It works on 3 spheres: body, energy and mind – it is a divine healing process. We explore our body through unity of movements and breathing, energy through emotions and mind

  • Blossoming – 2nd level

    When we are consciously born … when we are rooted in our power … when our sexuality is once again free and innocent… when we trust the heart and the space of love is open… when all the prohibitions on the natural expression of ourselves are taken away… Here comes